Linear Expression

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Associated materials

  1. Preparation

a. Project Notes: Linear Expression

b. Art History Notes: Egon Scheile

c. Two still life rough drafts (drawings)

d. Sketcheck


     2. The Project

     3. Grading Rubric

Tips and Tricks

Make your lines look "on purpose" and not accidental

Clean out the pen before you start work each day and practice on a separate sheet of paper before you begin so that you reduce the number of accidents with the ink.

Check you work after you finish to make sure you can not see any pencil marks in the artwork. If you do, erase them completely.


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Past Student Work:


The Project:

Linear Expression Sample

Line can express emotions or feelings such as anger, sadness, and happiness to name a few. This project is a study of the expressive qualities of line and an opportunity for students to express their own feelings or emotions they find in a contemporary news article. So, in a way, it is also a translation from the literal for of a news article to the visual form of a drawing. We also practice observational drawing through a single item still live such as a flower, leaf, or other plant material.