Unmasking Texture

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The Assignment

  1. Preparation

    1. Project Notes:Unmasking Texture (pdf)
    2. Art History Notes: Masks
    3. Research: Four Drawings of Masks
    4. Draw FOUR full-page drawings of mask ideas
  2. The Project (Project)

  3. Grading Rubric

Tips and Tricks


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Past Projects

The Project:

A Pattern of Contrast

This project is a printing process called collograph printing. It starts by making a “plate” from which we will print a work of art. We will use a number of different textures to add interest to our print and create a sense of unity.

Prints are easily repeated so quite a number of prints can be made from one plate. Artists use printing to make a large number of prints to sell and keep the amount of time making art low. It is also a popular form of mass production for advertising.