The Song Project (TSP)

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Tips and Tricks:

  • Get the beat- the rhythm set by the percussion in your favorite song can be a great inspiration for rhythm in your painting
  • Follow the path- rhythm follows a path in a work of art
  • Close your eyes- listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed; what do you see? What things come to mind? Use them in your work.
  • Find the images- look through magazines for photographs of the things you imagined to help you paint them accurately


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The Song Project

There are few who do not like music. Although we all like different types of music, some like rock, others R & B, and still others like country. Whatever the sound, they have one thing in common: we hear them. How can a painting be like a song? What do the things we hear have in common with things we see?

Well one thing might the similarity between sound and color. Look at the painting above, do you see the yellow chield that has "Police" written accross it? if you think about it that yellow kind of resembles a sound. It may be hard for you to think of that yellow as the sound of a base guitar or chello, but easy to think of it as the sound of a trumpet. If your eyes (or attention) is guided accross a painting and a pattern exists along that path, it isn't hard to see the relationship to a drum beat or a rhythm in a song. Look at the path that the words make in this painting, can you see the connection to a drum beat where the letters are and a pause, or no drum beat, where they are not?

In this project students make the connection between rhythm in music and rhythm in visual Art by creating a painting inspired by their favorite song.

The painting displayed on this page was inspired by "American Idiot,"  a song by the American pop rock band Green Day, it is the first single from their seventh album, American Idiot. Watch Green Day perform the song on David Letterman below...