Hide the Clipping (HTC)

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The Assignment:

  1. Preparation

    a. Project Notes: Hide the Clipping

    b. Career Notes: Graphic Design

    c. Thumbnail Sketches- Steps 1-4 in the project notes.

  2. The Project (Steps 5-11 in the project notes)
  3. Grading Rubric


Tips and Tricks

  • Divide the picture- smaller sections makes the whole thing more interesting!
  • Think 3D- people may spend more time looking into your picture than at your picture! layer things as if you are looking down into a fishtank and things are swimming over, under, around and through other things.
  • Choose wisely- clippings with dull colors are less attractive and are less likely to attract attention.



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Past Student Work:

The Project:

A Pattern of Contrast

The Project: Hide a small triangular magazine clipping in a composition you develop using colored pencils and some clever design techniques. First we’ll draw some incredibly attractive designs called motifs across the surface of the composition to attract the viewers’ attention to them and away from the clipping. Then, we’ll match the colors in the clipping and draw them out from the clipping to camouflage it into the surrounding area. When you are finished, it should be difficult to tell where the clipping is in your composition.