Forming the Impression of Color and Space (FICS)

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The Assignment

  1. Preparation

    1. Project Notes: FICS
    2. Art History Notes: Impressionism
    3. Practice: Creating Space
    4. Practice: Creating Form
    5. Research: 5 Landscape Clippings
    6. Sketcheck
  2. The Project

  3. Grading Rubric

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The Project:


Impressionism is a term used to refer to a style of painting that emphasizes the use of heavy brush strokes and the portrayal of light in its changing quality. It began in the 1860s with a small group of like minded artists in and around Paris. 

In this project we will follow in the impressionists footsteps and produce a "painting" of natural scenery. This "painting" will be completed in oil pastels and will show our skill in cross-contour drawing and our ability to show space by changing the size of our brush (oil-pastel) strokes. 

How-to steps 1-3

How-to steps 4-6