A Pattern of Contrast (APoC)

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The Assignment

  1. Sketcheck

    1. Project Notes: A Pattern of Contrast
    2. Three Imaginary Characters
  2. Pattern of Contrast (Project)
  3. Learning Goal Identification Worksheet
  4. Grading Rubric

See some master tessellations by clicking the links below:

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The Project:

A Pattern of Contrast

A tessellation is a potentially endless repeated pattern made up of one or more shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces with no gaps or overlaps. Squares and other quadrilaterals, triangles, and hexagons can be used and even modified to create interlocking shapes. Word tessellation is derived from the Latin word “tessella” meaning tile.

Designers and mathematicians have used Tessellation designs for over 6000 years. Early tessellations were often mosaic tile designs used to decorate floors and ceilings of palaces and mosques.

The tessellated designs in the Alhambra mosque in Spain inspired Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher. He then made tessellations into recognizable figures. Tessellations are often used in quilts, fabrics, and wallpaper.