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The Assignment

  1. Sketcheck

    1. Project Notes: Airbush Logo
    2. A graphic design problem worksheet
    3. Unity Worksheet
    4. Color Harmony worksheet

  2. The Project Directions

    1. Thumbnail Sketches

    2. Airbrush Logo
  3. Grading Rubric

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Past Projects

The Project:

Air Brush Logo

Design a logo for a fictitious company and bring it into being using an airbrush and stencil.  Be sure to use the skills you’ve learned over the past year in beginning art to design a successful graphic.

Use the design process to get this one started: imagine yourself as a Graphic Designer (An artist that sells images and designs to companies and individuals for professional use such as a logo or sales pamphlet) who is going to show these thumbnails to a possible client. Make sure the thumbnails you’ve designed are well developed and attractive because this is important to sell your designs and ideas to your client. After you’ve completed your thumbnail drawings, take your favorite ideas into a painting of your own design on a t-shirt or other clothing using an airbrush.