Extra Credit

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Although I believe students earn their scores in a class based on their performance on the given assignments I understand there are Additional activities that extend and increase the learning. One of these activities is called a reflection. In a reflection a student simply reviews or reflects on an assignment they've completed. This act reinforces the learning that has taken place and increases the likelihood the learning will be retained. Therefore, students in my class can reflect on their achievements on all projects completed in Beginning Drawing and Painting and earn extra credit for it.

Students can earn up to 10 points extra credit on each completed project. To do this a student must complete the extra credit worksheet available to the left of this page titled "Raise Your Grade worksheet." The amount of extra credit a student earns is determined by his/her ability to use the terms correctly while writing about the things they did well in that project as well as the amount and clarity of the writing.


  1. Print the worksheet listed to the left under "Downloads."
  2. Write your name and period number at the top of the page.
  3. List the name of the specific project on which you are writing and earning extra credit.
  4. Review your project notes from your sketchbook to fill in as many boxes with New Vocabulary Terms.
  5. Use those new terms as a word bank to write about your achievements in the project: What work out well for you in the project? What are some of your favorite parts and why? What would you change or do differently if you were to complete the project again? NOTE: The writing should focus on the things that a student feels they did exceptionally well and should not simply recap on the steps involved in the making of the project.
  6. Circle the New Vocabulary words in your writing.