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  1. Grading
  2. Rules
  3. Consequences
  4. Supplies

Grading Policy

  1. Projects are accepted on Fridays only except for a few occasions made for scheduling difficulties.
  2. Late work (work turned in after it's due-date)- Students are creating artwork and they are encouraged to do their very best. Sometimes that takes longer for an individual than the time allotted for the project. For this purpose, late work will be accepted and given the opportunity for full credit until the Final Due Date at the end of the semester. It is, however, strongly recommended that a student do their best to stay on track and take work home when necessary for timely completion of all assignments.

Classroom Rules

In this class we try to develop our own creative potential and help our classmates do the same. Therefore, a few rules are needed to help keep distractions to a minimum. 

  1. Students will keep their hands, tools, to themselves. 
  2. Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, or any other personal electronic device) should be turned off and put away without expressed teacher permission. 
  3. Students will respect each others differences and , as our work is an extension of ourselves, we will respect each other's artwork. 
  4. All students will participate in cleanup activities


If a student is unwilling to support their fellow students' efforts to learn by disregarding the rules, a record will be made of that student's activities and the following steps will be taken in order:

Personal Electronics:

  1. Device confiscation to be returned to student following class (Warning).
  2. Device confiscation to be returned to student following school day
  3. Step one below


  1. Parent contacted by teacher
  2. Parent contacted by teacher and period suspension
  3. 1-3 day suspension
  4. 3-5 day suspension

DEFIANCE (Unwillingness to cooperate with teacher directives):

  1. Referral/ Office contact


Drawing and Painting is a rewarding class as it prepares students for a variety of potential art-related careers. More than that, however, it opens the door to a world enriched by the thoughts and ideas expressed through visual media. Students who enjoy visual art may find the use of additional supplies both rewarding and cost effective as they prepare for college. To help students with this I've put together a list of recommended supplies that will be used at different times during this class and may be used in future classes. It is important to note that all supplies necessary for the successful completion of the course are already available in the classroom, this list is in addition to those in the classroom and is recommended, not required.

Click >HERE< for the Recommended Supply List